My intension is to document all HP items. My collection and my knowhow is big, but not complete. So, if you have informations about a calculator I didn´t note, please let me know. I'm especially interested in prices, places of manufacturing and CPUs .

Type Type Type Type
HP-01 steel HP-17B II+ HP-33E HP-48GX
HP-01 gold HP-18C HP-33S HP-48S
HP-06S HP-19B HP-34C HP-48SX
HP-06S Solar HP-19B II HP-35A HP-49G
HP-8S HP-19C HP-35S HP-49G+
HP-9G HP-20B HP-37E HP-50G
HP-9S HP-20S HP-38C HP-55A
HP-10A HP-21A HP-38E HP-65A
HP-10B HP-21S HP-38G HP-67A
HP-10B II HP-22A HP-38G+ HP-70A
HP-10C HP-22S HP-39G HP-71B
HP-10S HP-25A HP-39G+ HP-75C
HP-10S+ HP-25C HP-39GS HP-75D
HP-11C HP-27A HP-40G HP-80A
HP-12C HP-27S HP-40GS HP-81A
HP-12C 30th anniversary E. HP-28C HP-41C HP-91A
HP-12C Platinum HP-28S HP-41CV HP-92A
HP-12C Platinum 25th anniv. HP-29C HP-41CX HP-94D
HP-12C Prestige HP-30B HP-41CY HP-94E
HP-14B HP-30S HP-41 Blanknut HP-94F
HP-15C HP-31E HP-42S HP-95C
HP-15C Limited Edition HP-32E HP-45A HP-97A
HP-15C Collector's Edition HP-32S HP-46A HP-97S
HP-16C HP-32S II HP-48G Prime
HP-17B HP-33C HP-48G+ Xpander
HP-17B II HP-33E HP-48G II .