HP-75C/D Accessories:

This is a table of many accessories for your HP71B. Note, that this list is incomplete. Feel free to offer me not documented items.

[ Memory ]


Name HP 82700A
Size 8k RAM



HP 00075-15012 Surveying Module
HP 00075-15014 VisiCalc Module
HP 00075-15015 Mathematics Module
HP 00075-15019 Text Formatter Module
HP 00075-15035 Data Communications Module

Type Hardware Modules with ring binder

Name HP 5061-5232 HP75 I/O Module
HP 5061-7248 POD Diagnostic Module
HP 5061-725 Barcode Reader
Type Hardware Modules with paper box

Name HP 00075-12018 Finance
HP 00075-12019 Real Estate
HP 00075-12020 Statistics
Type Software Libraries with Magnetic Cards


Name HP 82718A
Type Expansion POD
Versions Option 032: 300 Baud Modem + 32k E.Disk
Option 064: 300 Baud Modem + 64k E.Disk

Name HP 92267A/B
Type Barcode Wand
Versions 92267A Hi-Resolution
92267B Med-Resolution

Name HP 82713A
Type Plug-In Module Simulator

Name HP 82708A
Type 100 Blank Magnetic Card Pack

Name HP 82710A
Type Overlay Kit