HP-71B Accessories:

This is a table of many accessories for your HP71B. Note, that this list is incomplete. Feel free to offer me not documented items.

[ Memory ]


Name HP 82420A
Size 4k RAM

Name Corvallis 32K RAM
Size 32k RAM

Name Corvallis 64K RAM
Size 64k RAM

Name Corvallis Memory Module
Size 64k RAM Cardreader Housing (CR-64R)
128k RAM Cardreader Housing (CR-128R)

Name HHP 32K, 64K, 96K, 128K, 160K
Size 32k RAM (Cardreader Housing)
64k RAM (Cardreader Housing)
96k RAM (Cardreader Housing)
128k RAM (Cardreader Housing)
160k RAM (Cardreader Housing)

Name HHP 32K
Size 32k EPROM (Cardreader Housing)

Name HHP 32K/E, HHP 64K/E
Size 32k RAM & EPROM (Cardreader Housing)
64k RAM & EPROM (Cardreader Housing)
Name FRAM71
Size 512k for RAM, Data & module hosting (1024k version acts like two 512k versions)


Name HP 82401A
Type HP-IL Interface

Name HP 82402A
Type Dual HP-IL Interface

Name HP 5953-5622
Size Demo ROM

Name Corvallis CMT71 EPROM
Size 32k EPROM (32E)
64k EPROM (64E)

Name HP 82478A Forth Assemby/Debugger
HP 82479A Data Acquisition Pac
HP 82480A Mathematics
HP 82481A Steady State Circuit Analysis
HP 82482A Finance Pac
HP 82483A Surveying Pac
HP 82484A Curve Fitting Pac
HP 82485A Text Editor
HP 82488A Data Communications Pac
HP 82489A AMPI Statistics Pac
HP 82490A HP-41 Translator Pac
Type Software Modules


Name HP 82400A
Type Card Reader

Name HP 82440A
Type Development Utilitiy (Cassette)

Name HP 82477A
Type HP-IL Link (Discs)

Name HP 82462A
Type Blank Overlay Kit (QTY: 5)

Name Zenwand
Type Barecode Reader

Name CMT71-PO1
Type EPROM Programmer

Name Optimal Technology, Inc.
Type EP-2A-79

Name HP-IL Acoustic Coupler (92205M)
Type Mouthpiece

Name ADC71 Converter
Type Analog to digital Converter

Type HP-IL Adapter

Name ???
Type Protective Case with HP-IL & Power Out

Name ???
Type Mounting plate for HP-71B

Type HP-IL Adapter

Name Zengrange
Type Protective Case with holder for wand

Name CMT
Type Protective Case with heater

Name Horizons Technology Inc.
Type Protective Case

Name Viewsonics
Type Protective Case with Centronics

Type Protective Case with HP-IL, Centronics

Name CMT Multicase
Type - Display with x rows
- CMT Ramdrive 512KB
- Serial Interface
- Heater

Name Mettermeier IL-80
Type HP-IL/Centronic Interface
(HP-71B to Tachymeter T1000 (Wild/Leica)